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Animal Reiki: Is it "woo woo" or real?

First, I want to apologize for even typing the expression "woo-woo". I always hated when people said that regarding anything holistic or natural, and yet here I am typing it in the headline. What is "woo-woo" anyway? I suppose it is supposed to mimic the sound of spirits and ghosts. Ridiculous. I am almost tempted to change the title, but then this entire rant would be completely pointless and who doesn't need a good rant now and again? So it stays and I will try to redeem myself moving forward.

Animal Reiki is what the name implies: Reiki performed with/on animals. The principles and signs are the same. The energy is the same. It is only the positioning of hands that differ slightly because the body is slightly different, isn't it? So the real question then is : Reiki: How effective is it?

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that can be done with the hands on method or hands off method. It is also very effect at a distance (not in each other's presence). This does sound a little "woo woo-ish" , but, as a Reiki Practicioner I can tell you it is very effective. Since everything is made up of energy, Reiki works with that energy to heal, cleanse, and support the body. Some benefits are improved sleep, improved mood, and release of pain or discomfort. The basic premise is that by clearing blockages within the energy field , you allow energy to flow better thus promoting well-being.

Animals are very open to energy work. They don't have any preconceived ideas nor do they subscribe to human doctrines and ideas of things. They live in the purest realm and respond to energy all the time. When we say our dog picks up on people's bad energy, we are not kidding. They do. So any energy work is agreeable to them and they respond very well to it.

Who should get Reiki? Everyone. It doesn't matter if you are sick or healthy. Reiki is a wonderful way to keep yourself in the best health possible and can help release any negative feelings that are responsible for physical pain. The best medicine is the type that works with all of your body, not just the point of contention. Implement Reiki into your health care routines and you will see subtle changes and improvements.

I have had Reiki help animals who suffer from emotional issues due to past neglect, turn around and be more trusting and playful! Reiki has helped my companion when he was in pain from his kidney disease. I have used Reiki to help clear mental confusion from animals who then relaxed and were able to receive messages and understand the situation better.

Whether you decide to try Reiki for yourself or for your companion animal, I think you will be very pleased with the results. The most important thing is to be open to it. A closed door doesn't let anyone in.

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