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Do Animals Go to Heaven?

This is a controversial subject with some religions, and I do not intend to criticize or negate any religious teachings. We all believe what we believe, either out of loyalty to familial upbringing, a personal experience, or an awakening of our own Spirit that leads us to a particular doctrine and faith. In my opinion, all religions are good and bad. Way to be non-committal, right? Well, I believe in Source, Spirit, Guardians, and Angels. I believe there is something greater than us. I know we are all connected by the great Source, also called Energy. All of us and everything are connected and part of one big ball of energy, who some have named God. I believe at the core, all religions teach us the same principles. That's the good part. The bad part comes into play when we, humans, interjected what suited us at the time. Different religions for different areas need different rules. Ego and control stepped in and created other rules and claimed it was ordained. Needing to gain control, fear was interjected into stories; wanting to understand nature better, and again fear was weaved into every fiber of text and stories. The human need to be superior is where the notion that animals have no soul entered, and that is 100% not true.

Animals, all animals, think and feel. Their soul comes from Source just as ours does. We are all connected. When they die, their soul leaves the physical body and returns to the Source.....just like we do.

In communicating with Little Bear and many other animals who have crossed over, I have been blessed with a few visuals but more than that, a slightly better understanding of the afterlife. Little Bear calls it "JOY", because that is the overwhelming feeling there. There is no pain, no fear, no sadness. Joy, love, freedom, happiness, gratitude, and did I mention LOVE, are the emotions and feelings from the other side. When I communicate with an animal that has crossed over, I see them in their physical form. But, they are doing that for my benefit. What they really look like are beautiful rays of light, orbs that can take on whatever shape they want to help us better understand the messages. This is the same with humans. They are not sitting around in their human bodies. They can show us their bodies when we communicate with them and can show us actions and behavior that will help us recognize them. But like animals, our family and friends are beautiful orbs of energy shining brightly.

This reminds me of a story or a fable I heard once, which I cannot remember the name of it at the moment. The main takeaway was that when we pass, we become one of the stars in the sky. Seems to me that this may actually be the truth of it. Our bodies return to earth and our souls rise up to join all the others and shine beautifully. Was this a Native American story? Readers, if you know, please leave a comment.

Anyway, the answer to the question above is yes. Animals do go to "Heaven". We will be reunited with them when we pass. They are always connected to us now and continue to communicate with us, either with a communicator or by sending messages and clues to us. Remember, energy does not die, it just changes form. To me, that is a beautiful realization.

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