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Don't be afraid to hear their thoughts....

The idea of animal communication invokes a multitude of emotions. People find it interesting, scary, confusing, but mainly fascinating! Animal lovers and enthusiasts are enthralled with finding out what their companion is thinking and feeling. Mainly they already know because they are so in tune with their companion, but sometimes they are off. However, there is one recurring thought amongst people who have rescued animals. Fear, People don't necessarily want to know the details of their companion's life prior to the rescue. They fear the worst and can't bear the details. I completely understand.

In my experience, a lot of rescued animals do not want to talk about their past. It is not that they don't remember it, they do. It is because animals have the wonderful ability to live in the present. Unless it is directly impacting something in the present, most animals do not want to discuss it. If, however, you are not understanding their behavior and they want to explain why they do what they do, they will touch on their past but I have never gotten the nitty-gritty details. Maybe the animals are sparing me because I am very sensitive. In which case, I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I have felt sadness, fear, and anxiety creep into my body, enough to understand what the animals were feeling. These sessions were very powerful, but the animals always end on a positive note. They are so grateful. They have so much love for their new family, and only want to stay with them.

Everyone involved in rescue are dedicated Angels, as far as I am concerned. They see so much and give of their time and their homes. The financial costs are great. The toll on their hearts is even greater. It is not an easy job that is for sure. Without rescuers and rescue organizations, thousands upon thousands of animals would continue to be abused, neglected, and killed. Somehow, the animals know that their time with them is not permanent. They make the most of their time in Fostercare and hope for the day they get adopted. Senior animals who are dropped off at shelters are 100% heartbroken and confused. They hope their human comes back, and yet, they know they will not. it is one of the cruelest things someone can do. These animals gave 100% of their heart to the family only to be discarded when they grew old.

People will have a bunch of excuses for why they give up their animals. That is all they are, excuses. The fact of the matter is that having an animal companion is just as serious as deciding to have a child. The decision to become responsible for a living being includes all stages of the animal's life and should include any possibility, financial concerns throughout the next 15 years or more, and acceptance that the unexpected will occur. If you can prepare for all these things, then you are ready to bring home an animal companion. Be realistic. Be truthful and honest with yourself. Having an animal companion is super rewarding but is also a huge responsibility. If, after digging deep and really thinking about how your life will change, because it will, Adopt, do NOT buy. There are so many dogs who need homes, without paying someone to breed more into the world.

If you do decide to bring home a furry friend, know that you will need patience, time, understanding, and lots of love. An animal communication session can help you understand your friend and will also give your friend self-confidence simply by being heard and understood. As I said earlier, most will not give horror movie details of their past. As long as they know their home is permanent and full of love, the past is the past. They are all about living in the moment with their fur-ever family.

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