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Happy Tales

Everyone loves a happy ending and I am no different! In fact, I insist on happy endings. If a situation does not seem to be ending in a happy way, I know deep inside that it is not the end of that story. There will be a happy ending. Some may call this unrealistic, living in a fantasy world, or even living in denial. I call it having faith, manifesting the positive, believing there will be better. At this point, people generally start pointing out how there is so much death and destruction, how bad things happen all the time, and a whole litany of negative and sad situations. I know. They are not wrong. Bad things happen. I just believe that the END will be positive, even if that END comes afterlife on this earth.

Phew! That was so much deeper than I intended for today's story. That's okay! I suppose it was meant to be put out there. Today, I am going to tell the tale of a sweet little boy pup, named Eli. Eli is about 2 years old and is such a handsome boy! His life didn't start out easy. He was taken from his mom too young, then bounced around from one home to another. Eli knew something better was in store for him and he was right! He was adopted by a beautiful lady who he immediately imprinted on and she came with an equally nice fiance.

During his days before rescue, Eli had his hopes crushed several times. Each time he thought he was "home", ended up being temporary. This made him sad and also anxious. The sadness has since left him, but Eli has some anxiety on occasion. Triggers for him are when people come into the home, or packing of things. To him, these remind him of people taking him away.

The best part of my communication with Eli was his personality and exuberance! He could not wait to talk to me and relay messages to his family. When he got excited, the messages came across fast and energetic. When he spoke of his anxiety, the energy dropped a little and he became a little reserved- nervous to say the wrong thing just in case that would be the thing to send him away. Animals understand and have feelings. Eli made this abundantly clear (although I didn't need to be sold on that).

So, Eli's humans and I decided to have a Reiki session for him, to clear out lingering negative energy, especially in his heart chakra. In addition, we explained that he has a home with them forever. They are moving, but he is moving with them. Eli tried to play it cool, but his excitement was obvious. At this point, he asked his family questions, gave information on things he likes and what they did for fun, mentioned the nosy cat across the street who always looks at them to see what is going on, and shared some lovely private moments he enjoys with his humans.

If Eli had given up in his early days, he would not be experiencing these love-filled happy moments. Things are not always perfect and he has some work to do on certain behaviors, but, over-all they are happy. Does this mean it is the end? Not at all. It is the end of a bad chapter and the beginning of a new one. There will be some bad things or not-so-good things in the chapters to come, but Eli knows there will always be a happy ending- you just have to have faith and a positive attitude. And treats. Always treats.

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