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How Cats (or other animals) Choose their Human

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

I posed a question on Facebook asking people for topic ideas for this blog. One follower suggested, "How Cats Choose Us". I love this topic! I also feel it may turn into a multi-part blog. Cats are very complex!

I would like to first acknowledge that ALL animals have the ability to choose their human companions. However, not every partnership with an animal is because the animal purposely sought us out. That's the human ego talking. Some pairs are simply by chance or necessity. Some situations are because the animal's soul's purpose is to find a specific human to help with a specific situation.

Anything written here is based on my experiences. Other animal communicators can and do have other experiences that may differ from mine. That does not mean one is right and one is wrong. There are many different types of experiences and all are valid.

So, back to the question: How do animals choose their humans? Perhaps a better initial question would be "Why do animals choose a specific human?". I think I will begin there and call this Part 1.


This is not a simple question nor will it have a simple answer. The bond between an animal and a human can be very strong. Some people will argue that their relationship with their animal companion is better than most relationships they have with other humans! An animal companion gives love unconditionally and reminds us to slow down and enjoy life. They are happy to see us all the time. They pick up when we are upset or sad. They know when we are anxious. They sense when we need fun! In essence, an animal companion gives so much more than we give in return. Having an animal companion forces us, in a way, to think outside of ourselves. We must focus on their needs, emotional well-being, physical and mental health instead of just ourselves. Having an animal companion is like having a toddler- for their entire life. (As a side note, if you are not prepared for this and willing to make sacrifices with your free time, or give up that apartment that doesn't allow pets, or make arrangements to care for them when you are working late, DO NOT take on the responsibility of an animal. They are not disposable. They are sentient beings and part of your family, just like a toddler.)

Keep in mind that everything is made up of energy and energy does not die but changes form. When a bond is made between animal and human, that bond cannot ever die. Even after the body dies, the soul remembers the bond and connection. So, looping back to the question, here are a few reasons an animal may choose a specific human:

1) The animal was bonded to the human in a past life.

2) The animal was sent by another human or animal to help and/or give comfort for a

specific situation.

3) The animal has a job or purpose and sensed the human could assist with that.

I am sure there are other reasons, but these would be the main 3, in my opinion. In the next part, I will attempt to explain HOW our animal friends choose us.

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