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If It Was Me.....

About a two years ago, I wrote a children's book entitled "If it Was Me ..... A Child's Journey Through Reflection". It is a delightful, gently told story of a child who is sent to his room to think about his behavior. During his time in his room, his imagination takes hold and he embarks on a colorful journey where he visits and interacts with a variety of animals.

This story came to me while observing families at a fair petting and loving the animals that were in the petting zoo. The delight on the faces of the children and adults alike was beautiful. They truly loved to see and touch the animals. Then, they discussed going out to grab some lunch.... a burger. It struck me how disconnected we are from the animals we love to see and the food that we eat. The children, and maybe the adults, did not make the connection between the cow they were cooing over and the burger they were about to eat.

Whether or not you are Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, or Traditional diet, I encourage everyone to read this beautifully illustrated book (by my friend and artist, Carlos Franco). Make the connection. Respect your choices, and if that means you continue to eat animal flesh then at least respect the animals you are consuming.

Native Americans, to me, showed the most respect for the animals they consumed. The hunt was not massive, but only what was considered necessary. They looked in the eyes of the animal they killed and thanked the animal for giving their life. The killing was not torturous but swift. I am Vegan and cannot justify killing, however, I do respect the Native Americans for their ways and especially for the homage paid to the animals.

"If It Was Me" can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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