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Joy of Communication

One of my greatest pleasures is communicating with animals. I love to hear their thoughts and feelings. Even when the communication is difficult in nature, I am thankful for the messages. It gives me an opportunity to help the animals and, when applicable, the humans attached to the animals.

Animals, humans included, love to communicate. It keeps us joined to each other and helps us navigate difficult situations. When we are heard, it offers validation of our being. We matter to someone else when we are heard. When the message we give is received and an exchange of ideas and thoughts develop, we enter a communal relationship with whoever we are communicating with.

Our animal companions are not just blobs of flesh and bone. They are living, breathing, feeling, and thinking beings just as are humans. Often times, our companions have a sense of humor! It is always especially fun to receive these messages. You know that "side-eye" look we think we see on our companions sometimes? It's an expression of their thoughts. We are not imagining it. How wonderful it is to know what the thoughts are behind these expressions.

Why do I encourage everyone to have an animal communication session? It's simple. It allows understanding, growth, healing, and love to flourish. The relationship between you and your companion will only be enhanced through communication. Isn't the point of having an animal companion to have a wonderful addition to the family? You wouldn't adopt a human child and then ignore their feelings and thoughts, right? Why do it with your animal companion then?

When you change your thinking from "pet" to "companion", you change your perception from an "owner" to a "friend". Friends talk. Friends exchange ideas. "Friends validate each other and support each other when something is wrong. That type of relationship can be achieved with your animal companion. They are willing and ready!

Communication can also be had with our companions that have crossed over. Energy does not die. Only the physical body does. The benefits of communicating with those that have crossed over are vast. The animals offer us comfort and peace. They remind us of things that were meaningful to them. They remind us to do things that bring us joy. Often times, these things are the smallest of actions. Humans tend to wallow in pain and suffering and look to huge experiences to bring us joy. Our companions remind us that the small and simple things: going for an ice cream, dancing in the living room, looking at old photos, taking a walk in nature- these things are what bring JOY.

The greatest gifts I received from my time communicating with animals, is a different perspective on life, comfort from beyond the physical life we live, reminders to appreciate the smallest of miracles, and the ability to just "be". I thank the animals everyday for their messages, even when they do not pertain to me. Working with humans and their companions allows me to help others receive these gifts. It allows me to heal both animals and humans, and their beautiful relationship. In doing that, it allows me to stay present and live a more joyful life.

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