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Letting Go

We hear this expression all the time, these days. Part of healing is learning to let go of things that no longer serve us or things that are holding us back from progressing in a positive manner. It's important. In fact, it is imperative that we do this in a healthy and honest manner. What do I mean? Well, letting go is not being upset and saying "I don't care! Whatever!". That's ignoring. Letting go, is getting to the root of the issue and working out the details so that you are no longer tied to that event or person. Letting go is truly forgiving someone for hurting you, and in some cases, no longer interacting with them. Letting go is leaving a job that is holding you back, but doing so on good terms and being grateful for the things you learned from that job.

Animals also go through this process in their own way. Some animals can let go easier than others. Some need a little help and reassurance. Love and kindness, alsways helps them to let go of their past traumas and live a more joyful life. This does not mean that they will suddenly stop being fearful of loud noises, or heavy boots, or vans, or whatever caused them trauma in the past. It does mean that they are more able to receive love and interact more kindly, experience joyful moments, and sleep better.

This month, I was blessed to encounter two different examples of how two different dogs processed their past traumas. One beautiful girl was very well aware of the abuse she suffered. However, she did not wish to talk about it. This does not mean that she did not remember. She does. She chooses to not dwell on it and didn't see the point in telling her new human about everything. What she did say, was that she was so grateful for her rescue. She exudes love and happiness. Although sick, she specifically said she is not ready to give up. She wants to experience more good, more fun, more love. This beautiful girl is content going to the dog park and sitting near her human watching the dogs play. She enjoys that. She doesn't have to be actively playing to reap the benefits of the park. She picks up the positive energy, enjoys the fresh air, feels the sun on her back, and is in the company of her human who makes her feel safe and loved.

The other dog is a younger boy. His life experience was also not pleasant. He was more willing to talk about it, and did let us know about some of the neglect. His reaction to his trauma was to be withdrawn around humans. He did not trust them. His new human is patient and loving and he is starting to come around. He is gaining confidence due to her love and patience. Yet, he had questions for her during the session. He wanted to know if she would let him live there forever. He wanted to know if she liked him, and then if she loved him. I found the distinction he made between like and love interesting. It said so much about what animals understand.....which is a lot. When his human confirmed that he was her forever dog and she loved and liked him, the change in his energy was immediate; his energy lifted and was lighter, less dark, more content. If I could describe it in a picture, it would be beams of yellow and white light coming out from his body like rays of sunshine, with pink and green balls of love on all the rays. His heart chakra opened and he let go of some fear.

The two animals showed me how differently they processed their trauma and how each of them let go in different ways and on a different time-line. Neither forgot their past. Both want to experience love and a happy life. It truly didn't seem much different than the human experience, except the animals more readily and easily love, even in their grief.

I have to add that both dogs live with the same beautiful human who rescued both even though they were not necessarily her ideal animals. It is because of her patience, kindness, love, and willingness to let them be their own individual selves that both animals are now thriving. Sometimes, we have to let go of what we think and just let the animals show us what they want and need. That is exactly what this woman did and they love her for it.

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