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What is the true meaning of "mother"? According to Merriam-Webster, "mother" is a female parent; a woman in authority, and/or an old or elderly woman. With these definititions in mind, it is not a far stretch to feel motherly towards children not born from our bodies, or even animal companions! I know that I felt like Little Bear's mother. How so? I cared for him, I worried about him, I wanted him to have a great life, I gave him room to express himself, and gave him boundaries as well. I nourtured him, taught him, comforted him, played with him.....all the things I did with my human children. Our bond was just as strong. So today, On Mother's Day, I wish all women who care for other beings in a motherly way, "Happy Mother's Day!".

Obviously I wasn't Little Bear's first mother. Thankfully, I was able to hear a little bit about her from Little Bear during some of our talks. As journaled in Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale, here are a few exerpts that help us understand the bond animals feel toward their birth mom.

"The next few weeks we spent huddled together, eating, and getting cleaned by Mom. We learned to stand, walk, and relieve ourselves. Mom rarely left us alone. Sometimes she got up to relieve herself or eat. I noticed she did not eat the same way we did. She ate from a bowl and used teeth to chew. I moved my tongue in my mouth and noticed I didn't have teeth. I wondered when I would get them. Her ears were always pointed in our direction, and if one of us made a sound, she would stop and turn toward us to make sure we were okay. When she came back to us, I could smell the food she ate. it smelled different from her milk."

The above passage reminded me of myself, when my babies were first born. Although my ears don't move in direction like a dog's ears, I did feel my sense of hearing was heightened. I could hear a little peep from the other room and much like Little Bear's birth mother, froze to listen more intently. Those early days were all about making sure they were ok, and many mother's often feel there is little time for anything else. Imagine, having more than one? Imagine having 6 or 8? Phew!

One of my favorite snuggle positions with my newborns, was laying in a semi-reclined position with them on top of me, face at my chest. The warmth their little bodies emitted was soothing to me. Our breathing became synchronized with each others. It was relaxing for both of us and very precious. Humans are not the only ones who enjoy close contact. In fact, most animals will snuggle their young too! Little Bear enjoyed a very similar position with me throughout his years. If he was not on me, he was very close to me. This is natural and reflects the need all beings have for physical comfort. In the next passage, we learn from Little Bear what being close meant to him early on.

"Other noises were not from nature; they were horrible sounds: loud, abrasive, negative sounds. I did not like them at all but felt I had to pay attention to them as well. Sometimes, when the noises became too much, I found comfort lying near my Mom, next to her heart, listening to her heartbeat. That was my favorite sound in the world."

As an animal communicator, I receive messages in a variety of ways. One is through picture images. Little Bear encouraged this and it helps me tremendously in understanding what the animals want to convey. It would be silly of me to think that this was unique to me or other animal communicators. If we can do it, it stands to reason that the animals share this with each other. Little Bear tells us some of the messages he received from his mom:

"She sent us messages. "I love you, " "Learn well the lessons of nature, ""Remember who you are," "I love you". Mom repeated "I love you" over and over. It was as if she wanted to make sure we never forgot. Love is the most important message, after all. "

I agree with Little Bear. Love is the most important message. If we all act with love and kindness, so many problems would be avoided. Happy Mother's Day to all the women who care for another being, with love and kindness. one love.

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