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In the world of Spiritual growth and learning, we read and hear about our soul's choosing to come back to the life they are now in to learn a lesson. The idea is that Soul's (energy) live on after the physical being has died. This is true. Energy never dies, it just changes form. The Soul's live on and choose to come back to Earth to live a life and experience things, reconnect with other Soul's to learn lessons and maybe teach lessons too. I do not disagree. Where I get stuck, however, is when I read that a Soul chose to come back to suffer in order to learn something. Not only does this ring of religious guilt (only the suffering are holy) but it also seems unlikely. Who who choose to suffer? Then of course, there is the flipside. If there are Soul's who choose a life of suffering, then there must be Soul's who choose to inflict suffering. That seems extremely unlikely and not of Spirit.

Spirit is good, loving, and pure. Spirit forgives, loves unconditionally, and embraces all beings. Spirit is not capable of evil, meanness, or inflicting abuse. If you understand Spirituality, you know that we are all part of Spirit. All souls come from Spirit therefore are Spirit. So the notion that a Soul chooses to come back to inflict suffering is just not sound reasoning.

I will give my ideas in the following paragraphs, and welcome discourse, as this subject has really peaked my interest.

I agree that Souls choose to return to Earth and do so for experiences and to learn or teach lessons. I disagree that Souls choose a specific life of suffering for the reasons I gave above. To me, that notion is coming from the Human Ego, not Spirit. Our Ego has rationalized our pain and suffering as being chosen by our soul as a way to cope with the pain and suffering. No one (Soul) would purposely choose to suffer. No one (Soul) would purposely choose to be the one inflicting the suffering. So what is going on? Why do beings suffer?

The Soul accepts the challenge to come here to live a life as a human or animal. They have a purpose, or a specific lesson they have agreed to learn or teach. They look forward to the experiences and ability to share their purpose. Once here, the being is subject to the environment, the beings around them, the norms of the day, and of course, political and religious doctrines that rule the day. Remember, this is not just a 2022 thing. Souls have been returning to Earth for centuries, and a lot has changed in terms of law, religions, politics, genders, etc. Because it can get too complicated to discuss all beings in one blog, lets stick to humans right now.

As humans, we have free-will to a degree. We can choose to obey or disobey. We can choose one path or another. We can eat healthy or not. We can study, or play hookie. We can choose from moment to moment what we do in any given situation. If something bad happens to us, the lesson is not in what was inflicted upon us, but how we react to the situation. We may be given lessons from another Soul that we just don't pick up on or learn. Those lessons will be repeated until we get it. If we don't get it, Spirit may create a situation to grab your attention. How you react to each situation, will determine if you can progress to the next level or next lesson. As we react to things, our actions will cause a reaction. That' s a basic principle. Actions cause reactions.

If society pollutes the land and contaminates our food sources (action), the reaction will be more diseases and dis-ease in our bodies (reaction). Since each body is different on a cellular level, and also dependant on genetics (we did not plop into a body already grown, we were created and born from two other individuals), each body will react to these pollutants and contaminants differently. The blame for someone's disease is not to be placed on God or Spirit or Source. It is simply a reaction to an action that we may not even be aware of. Each choice we make, good or bad), has a consequence (good or bad) and those alter the path we are on. Our Soul is here for the experience. If we do not honor our soul, we will not learn the lessons. We may not even know what the lesson is!

Any wrongs done to us can be lessons for us or the person inflicting the wrong. But to say the Soul contracted to suffer and contracted with the Soul creating the suffering sounds too much like Ego talking. Let's think about the abuser for a moment. Most abusers suffered abuse as a child, or has a mental disease that has created a malfunction that results in anger, addiction, etc. Their Soul did not just plop into an adult body. They had a lifetime of experiences, actions and reactions, that created the individual they are now. Their choices were such that their lessons were not learned. Many abused go on to abuse. Some abused, those that have learned the lesson, rise above and stopped the abuse cycle. They freed themselves from the cycle of abuse and chose a different path. We ust also consider the multitude of influences on a body that can alter a life. As mentioned before, environmental, political, religious, dietary, and rules all play a part in the human experience that may affect the Soul's intended journey.

We have to be careful when we speak of our Souls and soul contracts. While I believe our Souls live forever and reincarnate, and I agree that the Souls choose to return to earth (or not) to teach and learn and grow Spiritually, I do not agree that a Soul would choose pain and suffering, or choose to be an abuser, or choose the exact body to enter. The Soul, in my opinon, simply agrees to live life again and do it's best. I do believe that several souls can make contracts with other souls to reunite again, to finish unfinsihed business, or to help each other navigate life. I do not think it is neatly planned to a specific life though. Choices can interfere in the meeting. One Soul may be in NY and the other Soul may have been moved to Canada as a child (a choice he had no control over), and perhpas they will never meet in this life. So they agree to come back until they meet again.

Bottom line is that Spirit, Source, God gives us Free-Will. Choices. Those choices can help or hinder our Soul's purpose. There is no blaming of Spirit or God. There is no pre-determined life. We are capable and able to change our path if we choose, and when you are open to Spirit, and continuosly do Spiritual Work on yourself, your choices will lead you to your Soul's purpose.

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