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Who Am I?

This is a question we ask ourselves at various stages in our lives. You would think that once you reach adulthood, we have the answer. Nope! Humans are complicated and like to complicate things. I thought I would discuss this today and offer up some potential answers for myself.

When asked "Who are you?", most people will respond with what they do for a living. Ex: I am a writer. I am a Massage Therapist. I am an Author. I am a mother. I am an Animal Communicator. I am a small business owner. These responses let someone know what I do, but not Who I am. If you ask an animal that question, and I have, they just stare back in confusion and say, "I am me". That's it. That is enough. Animals do not need qualifiers. They know Who they are does not change depending on if they are a companion, work animal, farm animal, performer, etc. Animals understand that their soul cannot be labeled. They just are.

In biblical readings, it is often written that the definition of "God" or "Yahweh" is "I am who I am". That is the same response from animals. That is the same response from humans, IF we answer the question correctly. What does it mean, though? Seems a little cryptic.

What it means, is that we are all connected and part of a whole. We are all (animals, plants, humans, water, air) a little piece of an entire energy ball. It is even taught in grade school that we are all made up of energy and energy does not die but changes form. Humans label things for ease of communication. Those labels only hold through time because other humans agreed to them. A tree is called a tree. However, that tree would still be a tree even if we decided to call it a "snafflelog". Our labels do not change the tree. This connectivity of all energy is how wild animals have been known to foster orphaned animals of another species. Even domestic animals have been known to do this. They don't think "oh, this cat needs my milk (a dog). They think "this baby needs my milk". Wild animals have been known to drink side by side, during times of great drought, with the very animals they normally would hunt. Watch any quality documentary of wildlife and you can see this happening. They understand each other as part of the whole. They kill only out of necessity, not sport. They share watering holes, and vegetation. Sure, there are territorial disputes, but they do generally settle things without causing permanent damage. Wildlife also does not take everything and leave nothing in return. They help in the regrowth of vegetations for future years.

So, "Who am I?" I am me. I am a soul connected to every other being regardless of race, species, culture, or anything else. My energy is connected to all life as is all of your energies, my readers. My actions have a ripple effect on the world. Your actions do as well. We all affect each other even in the smallest way. It is our purpose to make sure that affect is one based in love and kindness. "Who am I?" I am me. I am love. I am air. I am water. I am you.

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